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" OJAS PURE RAW CHOCOLATE " is the raw chocolate & raw sweets brand of waccaworks in Japan.

The owner of waccaworks ( HIROKO YANAGISAWA/ raw chocolatier ) had started this brand in 2013.

The chocolate atelier of OJAS is located in Tomi city of Nagano prefecture in Japan. There are lots of beautiful mountain, natural water, hot-springs, winery, delicious fruits and vegetables...etc.
The chocolate atelier of OJAS is located in that kind of beautiful place.
We are making beautiful delicious raw chocolate and raw sweets in order to bring happiness and joy to everyone!

As a chocolatier I always make my products with passion and love- my aim is for the consumer to experience this with each mouthful.The range of raw chocolate is intended for those interested in raw beauty and natural health products but it simply tastes so exquisite that it really appeals to almost everyone.
I hope you will enjoy the raw chocolate taste because it has the very different taste and melt in the mouth from the normal chocolate. And please enjoy a fragrance!


The raw chocolate of OJAS marries a natural sweetener to raw cocoa butter, raw cacao powder all blended at the perfect temperature and individually handcrafted piece by piece.
We do not use an emulsifiers, dairy products, a preservatives, wheat, or any refined sugar.

Basically, OJAS raw chocolate is using highly selected raw cacao and raw ingredients according to raw foods cook style under 48 degrees or less which means we don't bake.
The reason why we make raw chocolate & raw sweets at low temperatures is to keep the natural cacao’s inherent nutrients active in the final product. You can feel the energy of these nutrients the moment you taste OJAS chocolate.

We are also convinced that the natural properties of our raw chocolate & raw sweets enhance and promote happiness and a healthy psychology. We have also incorporated super foods and flavors that the chocolatier had personally selected carefully such as raw nuts and raw dried fruit .

Have a look at our selection and choose whatever takes your fancy.
All products are produced without egg or dairy ingredients, white sugars, soy, gluten and so can be enjoyed by vegans.


Raw chocolate and raw sweets evolved in North America as a relatively new phenomenon based on some meso-america ancient traditions. Cacao was used historically as a medicine, an important ceremonial sacrament , and even as currency; it was regarded as a "food of the gods" ( Maya, Aztec era) .
In addition to its antioxidant benefits , cacao is loaded with magnesium, iron, and more than 300 kinds of nutrients and minerals, including an abundance of zinc.
Bringing the cacao to a high temperature eliminates a lot of the natural properties and and so we are careful to not bring the heat to over 45-48 degrees Celsius. (This is standardised with Raw Foods practice)

Here are just some of the other natural properties found in cacao.

● Polyphenol, antioxidant material, magnesium, iron content, a nutrient and mineral more than 300 kinds including zinc

● The ingredient which coordinates a relaxation effect and autonomic nerve called “Teoburamin"

● "Anandamide" (supreme bliss hormone)

● An ingredient to secrete when you fell in time and the love that you felt “Phenethylamine" "serotonin" happiness.

It increases your concentration, and it is said to open your heart and mind.

Please refer to the details such as used cacao from our product page.


Basically, we use raw cacao powder/raw cacao butter/raw cacao beans for our products. Depending on the season and the flavor to be produced at that time, depending on the content purchased from domestic and abroad, mainly on the fact that it is fair trade and sustainable, mainly from Latin America (Ecuador , Peru etc). Using that ingredients, we do our own blend or making single origin bean to bar.

According to sweetener, we uses carefully selected natural sweetener. Palm sugar, raw agave syrup, maple syrup is mainly. And also chocolate is colored with only natural materials (super food etc.), so please do not worry about additives etc. No emulsifier, white sugar, dairy products, wheat, soymilk, additives, preservatives are used at all. (raw cakes & sweets are also used without wheat and dairy products, all are plant based sweets.)

Our standard products is all handcraft but we also have other lineups.
We are using Melanger such as " Bean to Bar chocolate " and " Melty series " and " Nutty milk series " (using nuts such as cashew nuts instead of milk).

Please try looking for a flavor in your favorite mouth, among various lineups.

What is "WACCA WORKS"?

We began our story in 2009 with an intention to bring a range of exquisite creations that are unique and as close to nature in its purest form.
The Japanese character wacca 円 (en) means circular. Our offerings can be imagined as dots that make up the image of a circle ; part of a life cycle that draws people into a world of shared experience in the joy of food and natural produce.

Wacca Works currently produce ”OJAS raw chocolate & raw sweets" , which some of the finest raw chocolate, raw sweets and a range of vegan foods that bring joy and happy to life.

Please have a look at our selection and choose whatever takes your fancy.

Individually handcrafted with love by chocolatier Hiroko.

Enjoy yourself!

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